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Růžena Stejskalová

Růžena Stejskalová WABC Certified Business Coach™ (CBC™) and consultant

finished WORLD BUSINESS COACH WABC Accredited Candidate training, organized by Made in Czechoslovakia s.r.o., in cooperation with the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches, prestigious world association which as the only one in the world is authorized to award WABC Certified Business Coach ™ (CBC ™) designation. This training was verified by Prof. David Lane, Chairman of the Scientific Panel of the Professional Development Fund in London and longtime Head of the Psychology of Work Department at Middlesex University and WABC Accredited Award Panel headed by Dr. Fillery-Travis, Chairman of the Accreditation Panel.

In total, the training consisted of 600 training sessions. It was led by a team of lecturers consisting of leading experts in management and coaching. I had the opportunity to meet important scientists, great personalities in their fields, textbook authors. Having passed this training I got:

  1. Nationwide requalification accredited by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, ref. n. MŠMT-35000/12-24/892, which is valid for life and authorizes the coach profession for life in the whole Czech Republic.
  2. Certificate of World Business Coach – awarded by Made in Czechoslovakia.
  3. Certificate of Worldwide Association of Business Coaches (WABC) headquarters in Canada and WABC Certified Business Coach ™ (CBC ™) designation. In association with this designation I also obtained an accredited membership in this association registered in the worldwide database. It is the highest possible qualification in the current professional coaching world for the position of Practitioner (expert, professional, executive, private practitioner). There is not another association providing this level of qualification. The Worldwide Association of Business Coaches is absolutely exclusive in this respect and its members work for the biggest multinational corporations and organizations. It is common that multinational corporations in their regional subsidiaries choose coaches from the official WABC lists, because only WABC members meet the highest qualification requirements.
  4. Accreditation for work with standardized psychodiagnostic methods (personality tests, projective methods and performance tests – one dimensional IQ tests, attention tests etc.) published by Hogrefe – Testcentrum, s.r.o., world publishing house of psychometric and sociometric methods, http://www.testcentrum.com/ Lecturers of the accreditation training are leading experts in the field of psychodiagnostics and pedagogues at the Department of Psychology at the Faculty of Philosophy and Arts at Charles University in Prague. (source: Made in Czechoslovakia)