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Jan Bezděk, CEO Site One, s.r.o.

I first met Růžena at the Bootcamp for business people in 2010 and already at that time it was clear to me that I was honored to meet an amazing person. The desire to help people to be successful and happy is coded in Růžena´s DNA. Together with her years of experience she acquired while supporting her teams on different positions in Vodafone she has the best prepositions to be an excellent professional coach. The results she has achieved with my colleagues from SiteOne only confirmed that. I am happy that I can turn to her.

Irena Hýsková, Provisioning & Quality Manager Vodafone Czech Republic a.s.

Coaching by Ruzenka has helped me to take decisions in key areas of my personal and professional life. During certain phases of life it is necessary to get a view from above in order to solve important questions. This isn’t an easy task, therefore I decided to use the help of a professional coach. Ruzenka managed to guide me through a decision-making process in a really smooth way and I was able to answer these questions: where to head to next, what business area to choose and how to feel comfortable. Even after 10 months I don’t regret the decisions I took, I must admit that as time goes by I am convinced even more that my decisions were the right ones. I also used coaching in my personal life, particularly in the area of heath and motivation. In these cases I was able to find ways to deal with decrease of personal energy and gain it back. I had the opportunity to experience both professional and personal coaching with Ruzenka and have to say – I truly recommend it, there is nothing to worry about, all that is needed is courage.

Bc. Oldřich Turner, Regional Manager Vasebudoucnost.cz

I work as an independent consultant and manager and it is an honor to cooperate with Ruzena Stejskalova in the area of personal business coaching. During last year I noticed significant progress not only in personal life but also in my work life which led to income increase. Ruzena has natural respect thanks to her business experience and every interaction with her is very pleasant. I look forward to our future long-term cooperation. I truly recommend working with her to anyone who is serious about their life, career or team!

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