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Coaching before …

The English word „coach“ means „kočár“ in Czech. This word comes from Hungarian and starting of its use dates back to 1556. A coach is a means of transport which delivers us from the place where we find ourselves to the place where we want to get. The same pays for the word coaching. It enables to us to get from the situation we find ourselves to the situation we want to find ourselves. Since 1885 we can find coaching mentioned in the area of sports. In 1976 Timothy Gallwey transferred coaching from the area of sports to the area of business. Coaching as a profession was born at the end of the 1980s in the USA.

In the Czech Republic coaching started to be used only recently and has been getting more and more supporters. It is considered a full-fledged developing method, similar to education, training or mentoring. It is based and draws on different scientific disciplines as philosophy, anthropology, ethics, psychology etc.

Coaching today …

Coaching is a meaningful communication the result of which is support and increasing of such one´s behavior which will successfully be projected into a wide range of their activities as an employee of a company, organization or government institution. (WABC)
Coaching represents a credible relationship which helps the client to take concrete steps towards changes leading to achieving their visions, goals or wishes.

Coaching is systematic, tactful and considerate accompanying of a client who comes to conclusions on their own.

Coaching is supporting and professional cooperation which helps people to overcome a difference between where they are now and where they would want to be in their personal or professional life.

Coaching enables the client to realize what role he/she plays himself/herself in the desired success.

Coaching is a creative process which inspires clients in searching for and increasing of their professional and personal potential. The process of coaching helps client not only to exactly define their goals, but also to achieve these goals faster and more effectively in comparison with not using coaching at all. (ICF)

Coach is certified, integrated and educated personality. It is a sensitive diplomat and empathic guide on the way to your goals.

A coach helps clients to discover which personality features, including self consciousness and self interpretation, enter the process in which the goals both in the personal and professional areas are fulfilled. Coaching helps clients to work with their own personality setting up, so their personal and professional goals are fulfilled. (WABC)

Professional coach organizations elaborate qualification and ethical standards of coaching.

The most reputable are:

  • WABC – World Wide Association for Business Coaches
  • AC – Association for Coaching
  • EMCC – European Mentoring and Coaching Council
  • APECS –Association for Professional Coaching and Supervision
  • ICF – International Coach federation

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