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I like to work with everybody who wants to work on themselves.

My typical customers are:

1. Company senior managers, entrepreneurs, company owners

The keys to success in business or somewhere else in a leading, responsible role are professional and personal satisfaction, a balance and art of cooperation. The entrepreneurs, company owners or senior leaders in corporations, who usually already are very successful, want to achieve further professional and personal goals. They realize that to be successful nowadays means not only to be superbly qualified, knowing their competition perfectly, having natural authority, strategic thinking, but they also use intuition and empathy. It means the art of being able to uncover their feelings, to afford themselves to be themselves and be able to make sincere, human, stimulating relationships. They contemplate how they themselves can move on as personalities, what is their further direction, how to keep their integrity, how to set an example. They choose cooperation with a coach because they want to recognize their sources, get to know themselves and make clear what they really want.

2. Women in management

Nowadays, companies realize very well that a quality work environment is there where there is a synergy of female and male energies. The secret of women in management has been uncovered. Many surveys show that managerial teams where there is a balanced representation of men and women are more effective and stabile. Communication and cooperation work better here. Women at different levels of a corporate or company ladder often doubt their management style. Either they do not have enough feedback or they are not sure how to ask for it. From my own experience I know that they often solve a question of how to be a great leader and at the same time stay themselves , stay women. At our common sessions my female clients are interested in how they can strengthen their managerial skills and self confidence, they share their experience a uncover their dilemmas in their career development. Through coaching they find the way to how to blossom both as managers as well as women.

3. Team managers

Every right manager works on their development as well as on the development of their teams. He finds out, what is necessary to do to use the individuals´strengths, acquired technical knowledge and skills maximally. He/she takes care of understanding of his/her employees´everyday habits, so the limiting habits are replaced by functional habits. He/she notices differences, builds on strengths and works carefully on every employee´s potential to create a balanced, well functioning team which brings results. Usually the managers have good diagnostics of both the individuals and the team and they know what they need to keep, develop or change. They often look for the way how to achieve that. In this responsible process the coach is a partner the manager finds for himself/herself, his/her employees and also for the team as a whole.

4. HR Managers

Satisfied employees are the biggest assets of the company. How can we achieve employees´satisfaction? Every leader, every HR department asks this question. The answer is a balanced company culture. It significantly influences employees´motivation. Surveys show that employees are more efficient in case their personal values are in harmony with their employer. A balanced company culture supports a fair atmosphere and friendly environment where people feel happier. The employees can be more themselves, are freed from fear and insecurity, and so receive new ideas, incentives and changes better. They manage demanding tasks better and try to do their best. Company culture is not made on its own. Employees create it. HR together with the whole management are the models. How they create, present and live a balanced company culture, so the society looks. In this process a coach accompanies key players on their individual journey to harmony and satisfaction, and creating a balanced company culture.

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