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About me

01Růžena Stejskalová WABC Certified Business Coach™ (CBC™) and consultant

During my more than thirteen years in a multinational corporation where I led business and technical teams I acquired not only wide professional knowledge and valuable experience but I also had an opportunity to work with amazing people. I learned a lot from all of them, I helped to some of them to discover their talents, developed their potential and enabled them to grow.

I became passionate about working with people. Since 2013, when I successfully finished the WORLD BUSINESS COACH WABC Accredited Candidate training I have worked as a private business coach and consultant.

I focus on senior managers, entrepreneurs, company owners and women in management. Lately I have also been engaging in group coaching and supervision as a way to develop teams and create trust and quality cooperation.

Characteristics of my work:

  • To establish cooperation with a client I consider creating the atmosphere of trust a key factor. It forms a safe environment where the client can openly share their wishes, thoughts and considerations.
  • For coaching I mostly use Solution – focused approach of the founders, Steve de Shazer and Insoo Kim Berg. I focus on the client´s goals. The past may help to find sources, but we concentrate on the present and the future. I lay stress on how we together recognize that the problem is solved.
  • I really want the cooperation be maximally effective. I support the client the goal he wants to achieve be SMART. Thanks to this attitude we both save time and the client money.

In my profession I continuously educate myself and regularly have my work supervised by experienced colleagues, experts in this field and similar fields. I am a co-founder of the ČESKOSLOVENSKÁ ASOCIACE PRO BUSINESS COACHING (ČSABC) – chamber of business coaches, the purpose of which is to spread education in the area of professionality and professional ethics in the field of business coaching.
In my free time in addition to spending my time with my family I do outdoor sports. I love traveling and I like reading.

MOTTO: I believe that the biggest success in our professional life is to find and pursue our mission.

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