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welcome to my website


We devote our time to our work. We educate ourselves, grow, pursue our goals. We are used to problem solving, looking for new possibilities, decision making and using opportunities. In spite of it, we sometimes can get lost in a mass of logical arguments, get stuck in a dead end in discussions with ourselves. We start to doubt our own decisions, we think about what we should do differently and how to continue. Sometimes we feel that we need somebody to give us a hand and lead us out of the labyrinth of possibilities.

Coaching is a smart way to see our situation from a different point of view, arrange our thoughts, make clear what we really want from life and how to realize these ideas. By self-knowing we create new habits, new behavioural patterns which enable us to discover our own inner power. To start doing things differently and hold on. The coach is a partner who does not give advice and forces their own solutions of our situation on us, but it is a person who helps to see an overall picture and find our own way.
A journey, that requires changes. A journey on which I will be happy to accompany  you …